2010 USPA Conference Proceedings

2010 USPA Conference Proceedings


USPA Conference Proceedings,  P.M.H. Atwater, Cleve Backster, Chief Cloudpiler, Jon Cowan, Sky David, Laverne Denyer, Dan Davidson, Jerome Dixon, Mark Friedman, David Gann, Shu-Yin Lo, Ellen Kamhi, Jon Klimo, Ed Kelly, Lutie Larsen, Peter Moscow, Beverly Coleman.


2010 USPA Conference Proceedings

Straight Talk About The Near-Death Phenomenon  
       by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. 1
Primary Perception: The future is now  
       by Cleve Backster . 30
The Future of Death and Consciousness  
       by Dannion Brinkley 31
Legal Issues for all Practitioners of the Healing Arts  
       by Chief Cloudpiler 32
A Reconceptualization of Morphic Fields, Holo-movements, Brain Function and Theories of Mind and Intent  
       by Jon Cowan, Ph.D. . 33
New Frontiers in Bio-Photonic Tissue State Therapies Past, Present and Future  
       by Sky-David, M.F.A., M.P.T . 34
Shape Power, Sacred Geometry, and the Structure of Creation  
       by Dan A. Davidson 85
Evolution of the Living Energy System  
       by Laverne E. Denyer, PhD. 86
Osteopathy & Harmonic Balancing: A look into Osteopathy’s past, present and future  
       by Jerome A. Dixon, D.O., MNS, FACOFP 96
The Latest in Russian Energy-Informational self-healing technology  
       by Mark Friedman, PhD. 109
Evidence for the Existence of Stable-Water-Clusters at Room Temperature and Normal Pressure  
       by David Gann and Shu-yin Lo 138
Brain injury; a preliminary report on experimental study of the effect of double helix water  
       by Shui Yin Lo, PhD. 146
Coral Castle- Homestead Florida  
       by Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, AHG, AHN-BC . 150
A Lifetime in Psychotronics  
       by Ed Kelly . 160
The Past, Present, and Future of Consciousness Studies  
       by Jon Klimo, Ph.D. 161
Radionics in Agriculture, a growing reality  
       by Lutie Larsen . 220
The Visionaries of the U.S.P.A.  
       by Peter Moscow, PhD. and Beverly Coleman, Di.H . 259
Mechanics of Time, Revisited©  
       by Alexis Guy Obolensky 265
The Evolution of Acupuncture: Past, Present and Future  
       by Dr. James Odell, NO, OMD, L.Ac 280
Healing Energies – Past, Present and Future  
       by Glen Rein, Ph.D. 281
Biological Foundations For Life-Retrospective and Future  
       by C. Norman Shealy, MD., PhD. 290
Highlights of the Legendary Tom Bearden- Energy, Electricity, Jellyfish and Tickling the Vacuum  
       by Thomas F. Valone, PhD, PE 314



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