2005 USPA Conference Proceedings

2005 USPA Conference Proceedings


2005 USPA Conference Proceedings, Gandalf Slick, Norm Shealy, Phil Thomas, Tom Valone, Elizabeth Rauscher, Mary Wheeler, Wayne Perry, Henry Monteith


2005 USPA Conference PROCEEDINGS   

“DNA De-Mystified, DNA”           
      by  Kishori Aird 1
“ Error and Omissions in the CEM/EE Model” (Invited Paper)   
      by Tom Bearden 30
“The Subtlety of Psi and the Paranormal”    
      by James E.  Beichler PhD 65
“Scalar Math of the Fundamental Particle; The Anu,”                                      
      by  Bob Beutlich 74
“Magnetism: Essential Energy For Health”               
      by  Dr. Dean Bonlie 83
“Harmonics of Healing/Harmonics of Intuition”                                             
      by Darrell Brann 97
“The Intuition of Dr. Edward Bach”
      by Beverly Coleman 119
“Scalar Energy- The Next Step in Health Care”                                                 
      by Dr. Charles Crosby 124
“Á Medical Intuitive’s Approach to Working  With Subtle Energies”   
      by Laverne Denyer 133
“Anyone Can Be an Intuitive”                                                                        
      by John Ferguson 145
“The Science of Awakening Research; A Status Report”                                          
      by Robert Foulkrod 147
“ Integrating Reiki, Life and Muscle Testing”
      by Michael  Frazier 157
“Through The Curtain Between Spirit & Matter”
      by Barbara Hero 167
 ”The Making of a Video Documentary on Radionics”                                               
      by V.V.    Hsu 179
“Detection and Elimination of Detrimental Radiations in a Home Now & for Next 50 Years”
      by E. Braxton Jenkins P.E. 180
“Stimulating the Ring of Fire”
      by Ellen Kamhi PhD RN 186
“Consciousness Engineering & State-Dependent Science”                               
      by Jon Klimo 192
“Various States of Human Consciousness:  The Here and Now, and the Here After”  
      by Melissa Leath 199
“ The Electronic Whole’ “Biological Resonance- Resonance in Biology”
      by Lednyiczky Gábor 207
“Introduction to Quantum Agriculture”
      by Hugh Lovel 230
“Integrating Energy Medicine for the Subtle Human”
      by Linda Lancaster 235
“Role of Independent, Self-Organizing Intelligence in  ESP-RV-PK Experimentation & Functioning: The Case of the Worked Talismanic Wands”
      by Eugenia Macer Story 239
“Dowsing, Healing and Other Mind Phenomena”                                                 
      by Harold McCoy 254
“Radionics Case Study – Rain for the Gujarat State in India”          
      by Andrew Michrowski and Peter Webb 264
“Soulmate Cosmological  Action.”
      by Henry Monteith  Ph.D. and Erica Monteith       283
“Sound Choices in Healing With the Voice”  and “ Name Thing, What’s in a Name?”                        
      by Wayne Perry 288
“Response of Physiological Parameters to Low Frequency    and Low Intensity Pulsed Magnetic  Fields and Effect on Human Consciousness” and “New Medical Devices and Therapies Utilizing Pulsed  Magnetic Fields to Treat Chronic Back Pain”                       
      by Elizabeth Rauscher and William Van Bise 295
“The Unified Field of Mind”
      by Bill Russel 394
“Nano-technological Strategies for Health and Longevity”               
      by Dr. Norm Shealy 397
“The Gila Brain & The Rosy Brain Theory”
      by Gandalf Slick 410
“The Cayce Cure for Cancer” Chapter 11 -Carbon pg 133… of book- “Beyond Theory, Edgar Cayce’s Natural Health” (reprinted with permission)
      by Phil Thomas 439
“Historical Legacy of Electro-Magnetic Healing Devices”
      by Tom Valone 460
“Interdimensional Interference; What It Is,  and What to Do About It”
      by Mary Wheeler PhD 474


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