1998 USPA Conference Proceedings

1998 USPA Conference Proceedings


1968 USPA Conference Proceedings,  Tom Valone, Ed Skilling, Dale Pond, Glen Rein, Steven Angel, Ed Rosenbluh, Michrowski, John Klimo


1998 USPA Conference Proceedings Table of Contents:
“Electromagnetism & Spontaneous Healing Of HIV”
by Robert C. Beck 1
“Lightning”(The Pulse Of Life)”
by Eldon Byrd 10
“The Legacy Of Marcel Vogel”
by Ronald Carson 22
“Creativity & Well-Being Enhancement By Using
Computers And Pictures”
by Robert Foulkrod 35
“Bio-Information And The Puzzle Of Healing”
by Dr. Richard Gerber 55
“The Importance Of Intent & Intuition To Energy Work”
by Dawn Stranges & Lutie Larsen 60
“The Good Vibes Healing Home”
by Dawn Stranges 69
“Holy Grid, Holy Grail”
by Mary Hardy 76
“Decoding Vibratory Harmonic Music From Meridian
by Barbara Hero 81
“Clinical Parapsychology And The Nature Of Reality”
by Jon Klimo 100
“The Sacred Geometry Of The Vibrational Medicine
by Rowena Kryder 116
“Triune-Action-Unification Through Spirit, Mind &
by Henry Monteith 151
“The Cosmic Continuum Of Scalars”
by Andrew Michrowski 168
“Human Metamorphosis Process Hyper-Link”
by Marilyn Pequignot 180
“Hyper-Link Workshop”
by Marilyn Pequignot 184
“Engineering With Light, Life, And Love”
by Dale Pond 191
“Vibrational Medicine: Healing With Music And Psycho-
Acoustic Energy”
by Glen Rein & Steven Angel 199
“Future Science– ADHD, Criminology, Autism, Eating
Disorders, And Obesity.”
by Edward Rosenbluh 202
“Beyond Rife And Lakhovsky”
by Ed Skilling 246
“Meditation Today: Science and Shortcuts”
by Thomas Valone 252
1998 USPA Conference Video/Audio &Workshop Tape List 260



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