USPA has created an Affiliation with Steve Elswick  of, so that USPA members can get a discount to attend the. 

2004 Extraordinary
Technology Conference
Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 29- Aug 1, 2004
Hosted by and the Institute of New Energy…

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From Tom Valone on Steve Elswick and his upcoming Extraordinary Technology Conference:
“Steve Elswick is like other one-man humanitarian dynamos that I know (Steve Bassett,
Linda Moulton Howe, James Dunn, Norm Shealy, and the late Bill Tiller, Andrija Puharich, Paul
LaViolette, Elizabeth Rauscher, Guy Obolensky, Bob Beck, etc.), who have given their all to educate as
many as possible but generally gained no measurable revenue from their efforts.
Every year Steve Elswick performs a miracle, barely breaking even with his conference, living on
social security. And yet, he manages to present another each year. This year’s Extraordinary Technology
conference is August 9-13th. I think you’d have a great time and learn a lot if you attend.
I’m in touch with Steve Elswick often and sometimes publish articles in his ExtraOrdinary
Technology magazine. Right now, his conference of the same name is set for August and the conference
booklet looks great with lots of speakers on good topics of interest to a wide range of people.”
[Ed note: Steve’s exhibitor and attendee rosters are both open and you can see the flyer for his
conference at. Hint, the
application to attend is hidden on page 15 of the brochure!