Shabari Bird

Agriculture and Homeopathy


Shabari Bird is co-founder of Quantum Agriculture, an educational and consulting company with outreach to five continents. Shabari has lectured in Europe, Australia and the US. Shabari is the widow of Christopher Bird and is also the archivist of his research work. Shabari will illuminate some Chris’ research for his works “Secret Life of Plants”, “Secrets of the Soil”, and “The Divining Hand: The 500 year mystery of Dowsing. Also Shabari will share some  of Bird’s research on Wilheim Reich, RR Rife, and Galen Hieronymus. 
Shabari and her husband Hugh Lovel travel throughout the globe teaching Advanced Agriculture and Radionic Courses.

Accolades & Achievements

  • founded numerous schools including The Native Wisdom School as part of the University of East-West Unity, sponsoring over 100 workshops and ceremonies with native and indigenous teachers;

  • Founded the Sacred Drums of the Earth in 1985, fulfilling the vision she received while vision seeking

  • The Sacred Drums of the Earth with Shabari, Jimmy Cliff and 100 Global drummers opened the Global Forum at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992.

  • Greatly honored by Hanne Strong and husband Maurice Strong to be one of their 108 Wisdom Keepers at the UN Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. While in Rio, Shabari delivered over a dozen speeches on Earth Restoration at the Global Forum.

Shabari Bird – 2019 USPA Presentation

Title: Chris Bird and Beyond: Secrets of the Soil and Nature Spirits

Nature spirits or elementals work for the well-being of plants, trees and animals as well as the different elements they are associated with. They vibrate at a higher frequency than ours.

Shabari Bird will share methods for contacting and working with these nature and elemental spirits. 

Shabari spent fourteen years in intensive apprenticeships with native elders and shamans from US, Australia and Morocco. She also vision-quest fasted seven years in a row. During these fasts, Shabari has come to know these nature spirits as allies and guardians, also sometimes tricksters. She will also share keys to unlocking your home’s positive energies.