Dale Pond

Scientist, Sympathetic Vibratory Physics


Dale Pond is a writer, inventor and machinist having explored, studied and exposed for the past 40 years some of the amazing scientific achievements of John Worrell Keely and many others. Dale has a background in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, machinist, metalworking and tool making, computers, mathematics, acoustics, hydrodynamics, geometry, music, and common law (and some other stuff too!). His experience includes technical writing, farming, lecturing, corporate training, business, metal and woodworking, manufacturing, publishing and authoring scientific and philosophical journals and books. Maker of Musical Dynaspheres. Atlin, Symael, Altea, Alcea, and Alya. At the leading edge of new paradigm thinking, he has been able to show that vibration/oscillation is the principle underlying all things. Vibration/oscillation is the link between spirit (activated Mind) and matter – the magic key for creating new experiences, worlds, and universes.

Accolades & Achievements

  • Presented workshops and seminars at the Swiss Association for Free Energy Conference, the International Keely Conferences, Sound and Vibration Conference, International Symposium on New Science, International Forum on New Energy, the Alchemy of Sound Conference, Science and Consciousness Conferences, TeslaTech Conferences and many others.

  • Written, edited and published The Journal of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics from 1985-1992 – 60 monthly issues.

  • Written many books (complete bibliography)

Dale Pond – 2019 USPA Presentation

Title: Radionics and Keely’s Law of Sympathetic Oscillation

Brief Descripti0n: Radionic Energy is in relation to Mind, Matter and known science. Detailing the Emission, Transmission, and Reception of Radionic Energies.

Radionics has been around for a long time. The mysteries and misinformation surrounding this enigmatic practice are legend. Due a lack of clear cut science or physics within this art and practice has maintained it in obscurity and outright banishment by the orthodox science community as also from the medical industrial complex who perceive it as a threat to their chemical and pharmacological investments. For Radionics to be better understood and successful there must be placed under it a firm grounded in known science paradigm. This presentation does just that. While all of its science is not yet known much of it is.