Register to become a volunteer at the USPA 2020 US Psychotronics Conference. The United States Psychotronics Association (USPA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1975 to serve as a focal point for scientific and technical exploration of the universe of esoteric, spiritual, and psychic arts in the United States of America. The USPA has been hosting its annual conference for its members. Since its formation, the conferences have featured countless individuals with cutting-edge viewpoints, research, or ideas to share. It has allowed any interested persons to openly discuss their work. The annual conference also delivers a variety of additional resources for participants, including extra workshops and vendors offering the latest ideas and technology.

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Scientific Legacy
USPA believes that a true understanding of the universe must include the spiritual, as well as, the technical, and provide an opportunity for amateur researchers to present their findings along with the professionals.

USPA has been hosting annual conferences for its membership since its creation. It has featured countless individuals with cutting-edge viewpoints, research, or theories to share, allowing any interested persons to openly discuss their work.

Bridging Science, Spirit, Mind and Technology
Cutting-edge viewpoints, research, or ideas to share
Extra workshops and vendors
Exclusive membership-only content
Archives of newsletters and past conferences


Our members are practitioners and teachers of radionics. Radionics is using directed intention to assess and improve the well-being of living systems. This is done through the use of radionics devices, pendulums, and dowsing rods. Still others practice energy therapies ranging from hands-on healing to use of sound and light therapies, homeopathy, Oriental medicine, and other complementary modalities. Some members are skilled intuitives who can also assess the biofield and subtle energy directly, without any tools. Additionally, others are exploring psychotronics for personal growth and evolution. Despite our differences, we have much in common as we are all open-minded persons focused on expanding our understanding of nature, consciousness, and the full human potential. We enjoy the fellowship and sharing our new learning with one another.