USPA Conference Audio Recordings 1978 to 1995, 2015

Since the founding of USPA in 1975, top speakers have made presentations at our annual conferences. These speakers are involved in the leading edges of science, especially the Phenomena of Mind-Body and technology. USPA Conference Audio Recordings offeer over 1400 of our speakers under various formats during 38 of our 41 annual conferences.

When we started recording talks in 1978, we only had audio cassettes tapes. The first eighteen years of these cassette recordings have now been converted to MP3 audio digital format (plus 2015). These MP3 files can be ordered and transferred via email. See order sheet on the last page of this document. Individual lectures are $6.00 each; $5.00 each for purchase of ten or more in one order. Sets are priced separately.

Video recordings using VHS tapes started in 1982 and ran thru 2002. DVDs started in 2003 until the latest format MP4 digital Audio / Visual format began in 2015. Many of these VHS tapes have been converted to DVDs; some are converted to MP4s. We’re also working to bring more online, including sets of our favorites, grouped by speaker or subject.

A revised list will be available soon with ALL 38 years of speakers and their talks. Keep checking our website ( to see what new talks are available for online download. See the Shop / Product page on our website and when you join USPA; see the “members only” area for free online viewing of selected materials.

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