BRAND NEW LISTS – Revised June 15, 2021

USPA Conference Audio And Video Recordings 1978 to 2019

One List by Date  – Another List by Speaker

Since the founding of USPA in 1975, hundreds of top speakers have made presentations at our annual conferences. These speakers are from the leading edges of science, especially the phenomena of Mind-Body connection, energy and emerging technologies. We have recorded over 1400 talks under various formats during 38 of our 41 annual conferences.

When we started recording talks in 1978, we only had audio cassette tapes. The first eighteen years (plus 2015) of these cassette recordings have now been converted to MP3 files. These audio files can be ordered and transferred via email.  (Please see the order sheet on the last page of this document.) Individual lectures are $6.00 each; $5.00 each for purchase of ten or more in one order.

From 1982 to 2002 we recorded to VHS Video tapes. In 2003 we switched to DVDs. In 2015 we upgraded again to digital Audio / Visual formats.

Scott Beutlich, treasurer of USPA, with the blessing of the board of directors, vetted several companies for conversion of all of our videos to digital media! In December of 2020 in the middle of the Covid Pandemic, he took all the tapes and DVDs to two companies and when the transfer was complete, he volunteered to go through each of them, adding titles and legal disclaimers.  It was a labor intensive project.

This list has been revised as of June 15, 2021. Keep checking the Shop / Product page on our website ( to see what new talks are available for online download.

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