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Global Radionic Access with Don Paris (FREE Workshop)



What if there was a way to access a Radionic network from your smartphone? In this FREE workshop, learn how to clear toxins that are blocking the mitochondria signaling to the cells and converting physical substances into radionic tunings.




Radionics from your smartphone? When we first heard of a phone that you could use virtually anywhere and would fit in your pocket, we thought it was a pipe dream. I still remember the AT&T television advertisement that announced the coming of cellar technology. We all thought it was an April fools joke at first.

Within a few short years after the release of that small flip phone, 80% of the people on planet earth have a smart phone that gives live video as you talk on the phone! What if there was a way to access a Radionic network from your smart phone? Pipe dreams? In the Monday workshop we will show you exactly how to do just that….

How to Clear Toxins that are Blocking the Mitochondria Signalling to the Cells.

We will explore how most disease comes from a single source, signal interruption of the Mitochondria. How to get the help you need to overcome disease.

Converting Physical Substances into Radionic Tunings

Step by step, the basics of how to take any substance and get a digital, Radionic snapshot of it and store it in a computer. How to reverse the process and convert the digital information back into another medium to use as an informational therapy.

5G, Advanced Communications Technology or Directed Energy Weapon?

The ins and outs of what 5G is and what it is not. Is it dangerous or just another scaremongering? We will explore what you can do to minimize your exposure to EMF and keep balanced in situations where you cannot escape microwave radiation.


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